Create a group

Creating a group is super easy! Just create your account as a group manager, choose the name of your group and enter at least 3 participants before submitting it. You will be transferred automatically towards your Pikkado group. Still, nothing is set in stone. Everything is editable such as the participant's name, the number of participants, the group's name and status, etc. You are not required to create your whole group here. Create a Group

Secret Santa Manager

The gifts as well as all the information on the group like the date of the event, the person you've drawn, the price of the gift, and an optional message to welcome participants to the group are displayed here.

It's also possible to navigate between groups if you are part of several groups on this interface. You can also send anonymous emails if you wish to obtain more information, and do so without running the risk of revealing yourself. It's also possible to ask questions to the person who picked you without you knowing who you are sending the questions to.

Manage Participants

In this interface, the manager can add, edit or delete participants. You can post a picture that all participants will be able to see. It's here that the spouses can be selected so that they can't pick each other.

If for some reason a participant can't be part of the group this year, you can simply desactivate them rather than delete them. You can also send back an invitation to participants individually. If, in any case, you wish to withdraw yourself as manager of the group, you can pass the flag to another participant. The first and last names as well as the emails of participants are editable until they are registered. Participants can then do their own modifications.

Group Management

Here, you will set the event's date, the amount of the gifts, the message appearing on the home page, the name of the group, make the invitation, and draw or simply reset the draw if you want to start a new exchange.

In this section, you will also be able to see at a glance who is registered in your group, the status of their wish list, if it's published or not, and the number of gifts that each participant has entered. Finally, it is possible to send an email to all active members of your group.